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The last passenger train service in Tasmania ceased in 1977.

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Tasmania is the only island state in Australia, lying 200 km of the coast of Victoria Tasmania is rich in history and home to just under half a million people. Tasmania is relatively unspoilt forest with over a third of its land being National Parks and World Heritage Sites. The Capital Hobart is the largest city in Tasmania being home to about half the state’s population. Dating back to 1803 Hobart was once a penal colony and many of the history still remains with a wealth of historic houses and buildings still remaining. With its cooler climate and historic past Tasmania is very reminiscent of Brittan. Launceston the second largest city is very European with beautiful gardens and some very stately properties. Being relatively free of introduced animals the state has an abundance of wildlife including the Tasmanian Devil which is only found on the island. Tasmania has ferry services from Melbourne and is serviced by the three major Air services.

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