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Rottnest island was named so because the Dutch explorers who found the area described the local marsupial (the Quokka) as a large rat.

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Perth History

The Nyoongar tribe lived in the Perth region for some 40,000 years before European settlement in 1829 living on the banks of the Swan River.

Perth’s modern concrete and glass skyline is a legacy of the huge boom in the 1980s.

It is believed the first European visitors came to the region in 1696 when three ships anchored off Rottnest Island. The well armed party came ashore and explored the Swan River near Freshwater Bay. They were on a mission to search for a ship which was believed to have gone missing in the area some years back.

The first European settlement grew slowly until convicts were sent to the region in 1850. The convict labor is responsible for many of the historic buildings still standing in Perth including the Town Hall and Government House.

The 1890’s saw the gold rush and Perth’s population increased four fold.

The city became one of Australia’s richest and in the 1980’s was at its peak with many of the countries largest mining magnates and entrepreneurs based in Perth.

The America’s cup put the on the world stage in the 1980’s with Fremantle being the base for this huge event.  The boom continued until many of their high profile got consumed by their own greed, scandal and corruption and fell from the top business positions in the city.

Today Perth is back on it’s feet and very wealthy with some of the richest mineral stakes in the country.

Waterfront homes and a healthy outdoor lifestyles and make Perth one of Australia’s most livable cities.

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